This page contains information regarding upcoming and past events that I have organized, along with some of my own scheduled talks.

Scheduled Talks

The World is Not Enough (w/ Nathan Robert Howard)
2018/07 First Wuhan-Essen Metaethics Workshop, U. Duisburg-Essen
2018/06 Metaethics Conference, Frankfurt School of Management & Finance
2018/06 Future of Normativity Conference, Kent University

Believable Errors
2018/05 Book Symposium on Unbelievable Errors, University of Groningen

Contextualism about 'Woman' (and 'Man') in Name Only
2018/08 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress
2018/08 Social Ontology 2018, Tufts University
2018/05 Human Kinds Workshop, KU Leuven

Conceiving Supervenience Violations in Ethics
2018/07 92nd Joint Session, Oxford University

Other Scheduled Presentations

Comments on David Plunkett
2018/07 Normative Epistemology Workshop, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

Some events I've organized

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